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Why buy the Enko running shoe?

  • To protect your health with its exceptional shock absorption
  • It’s the only one on the market that adjusts to the weight of the user
  • Thanks to the interchangeable studs, longevity is greater than traditional running shoes
  • Thanks to its springs, with a guaranteed life of more than one million cycles, the cushioning never degrades (unlike soft soles, where the cushioning degrades very quickly)
  • It optimises the stride, reduces fatigue and lets you run effortlessly for longer
  • It adapts to all running styles
  • Quite simply, it gives running pleasure

Are Enko running shoes for everybody?

  • The main purpose of the ENKO RUNNING SHOES is not performance in competition; rather, the welfare of the runner and the protection of their health
  • Cushioning is exceptional because it is active at a height of 20mm (compared to 2-3mm on a conventional shoe)
  • It is also very effective since the shoe is adapted to the weight of the runner by simply changing the springs
  • At the end of the cushioning phase, the foot is very close to the ground, giving perfect stability
  • As soon as the heel lifts, the springs return their energy smoothly, until the foot leaves the ground
  • The double insole system also allows the shoe to correct excessive pronation and supination by axial rotation in the cushioning phase
  • Enko shoes are designed to run on roads, paths, tracks, etc but they are not suitable for very rough terrain

Why such a price?

The ENKO running shoe is a high-tech product and is made with the latest materials from the aerospace industry.
This is a Franco-Italian production: we build the sole and assembly in our workshops in France while the shoes themselves are made in Italy. These are custom shoes, made to order.
ENKO is truly amazing, it stores and returns energy like no other shoe can do today.
It is unique in the world: the only shoe to adapt to the weight of the runner.
The goal of Enko is to protect the health of runners: the shoes have been designed to prevent injury.

How to choose your shoe size?

Not sure of your shoe size and afraid to make a mistake? Our tips below will help you choose the shoe most suitable for your body type.
Please check our help page.

I have questions, how can I reach your team?

For questions related to the Indiegogo campaign, feel free to email us at pbagnpg@raxb-ehaavat-fubrf.pbz or use our contact form.

Is there a warranty for ENKO?

Of course! Enko comes with a one-year limited liability warranty that protects you against manufacturing defects.

Is there a return or exchange policy?

The purchaser can return an item for a full refund within 30 days of receiving the product.
The product return is simple: you just have to contact us by email: pbagnpg@raxb-ehaavat-fubrf.pbz or use our contact form.

What is the delivery delay ?

Each pair of Enko shoes is made to order, considering each client’s physical characteristics. You will receive your shoes between 1 and 4 weeks, depending upon availability of size and colour chosen.

Where do you deliver?

We deliver worldwide. If we find for any reason that we cannot ship to your country, we will refund you the whole amount, minus the Paypal fees.

287 Avenue Jean-Fourastié
11400 CASTELNAUDARY - France
Tel. +33 (0)4 68 94 91 21

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